Is your Blackberry® Playbook not charging?

Because of the good price / performance ratio, many customers have opted for the "BlackBerry® PlayBook Tablet". The battery has a very good capacity, everyone who use it daily knows that. Thereby it can happen sometimes that we forget the warnings to load and while reading or surfing thoughtfully, collapses the battery.

Deep/total discharge - what now?

Symptoms and signs include:

  1. no reaction of charging LED on the annexes to the PC charging cable or the included AC adapter
  2. continuous illumination of the LED in red, then nothing and a periodic glow of LED in green / yellow

Try this

If you have, use the fast charger (available as an accessory) with 12V and 2A output. You should use that because of the higher output power. Just connect and leave them alone for about an hour.

The PC charging cable is not recommendend because the USB port just does not deliver enough power to get the battery out of its total discharge.

If you have only the supplied AC adapter at hand, it is advisable to turn the Playbook on after connecting the power supply and to put into standby mode. Do not get confused by the red dotted battery sign. Is the BlackBerry® PlayBook in standby, it recovers slowly back with the weak power supply, when it can load two or more hours at rest, too.

Tip: Deactivate Wlan!


Greetings, Frank